Zoharim Graduation Celebrates Perseverance and Achievement
These students have worked tirelessly to catch up, complete high school, and are going on to army and college
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June 25, 2021

This week we celebrated the high school graduation of our Zoharim students. There was an incredible warmth and positivity from the mentors, teachers, parents, and friends who filled the auditorium to congratulate and celebrate the boys. As Director Tzachi Ohayon said, “We are all celebrating with the pride of parents celebrating the accomplishments of their own child.”

The boys on stage came to the Zoharim Youth Village from troubled backgrounds - lost and estranged from their families and communities. Today, they know who they are. They are filled with purpose and have direction in life. Many of them will go on to enlist in elite units in the IDF next year with plans to go on to college.

We would like to congratulate everyone who has been so invested in the success of our graduates and to thank YOU - the amazing supporters of Migdal Ohr who make this all possible!

May these graduates continue to make all of us proud and to realize their full potential!

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