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to benefit Israel's COVID Relief Fund

You can change the life of an orphaned, neglected child and provide everything they need to thrive.

It starts right here, right now, when you
sponsor a child.

Plant the seeds to help Israel heal and rebuild

Invest in our children
Celebrating 50 Years of Light - The Golden Anniversary of Migdal Ohr

Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Ministry of Education have acknowledged Migdal Ohr as an exemplary institution caring for Israel's most vulnerable youth.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Ministry of Education have acknowledged Migdal Ohr as one of Israel's exemplary institutions caring for the needy in this unfolding crisis.


Migdal Ohr students are impacting Israeli society
by thriving in the workforce and building strong families of their own.


Current students at Migdal Ohr


Staff and volunteers at Migdal Ohr


Migdal Ohr alumni


Annual budget*


Vast campuses



*63% of the budget is funded by the Israeli Government


You can be there for children who have nowhere else to turn.

From infants to college students, you are ensuring that each child has a chance at a better future.

Day Care

Babies and toddlers receive the loving care that parents would provide.

Dorm Family Living

Children with no place to turn are raised by nurturing dorm families on our campus

Day Care

Our K- 8th grade schools give our children an outstanding education and the confidence and support they need to succeed.

Day Cares

Babies and toddlers receive the loving care that parents would provide

Dorm Family Living

Children are raised by nurturing dorm families at Mishpachtonim (family homes) on our campus

Elementary - High Schools

Children receive an outstanding education and the confidence to succeed in life

After School Youth Clubs

Youth at-risk participate in over 160 Ohr Yisraeli after school clubs that empower them to give back

Teen Youth Villages

Teens live in communities called Afikei Ohr and Zoharim where they learn life skills and prepare for the workforce

Culinary Arts Program

Young chefs are empowered through "Cooking Up a Future" with the skills and internships to launch their careers

Bridal Fund “Bayit Yehudit”

Alumni getting married receive support and a stipend towards the cost of their wedding and home essentials

College and Career Training

Ultra-orthodox men and women train for the workforce in fields such as cyber security and tech


Your gift impacts every aspect of a child’s life from basic essentials to long term mentorship and empowerment.


Basic necessities such as housing, loving dorm parents, food, clothing, health care, and school supplies to grow up healthy and well cared for.


A loving school environment where children receive the enrichment, vocational training, and guidance they need to thrive as adults.


Leadership development, civic involvement, and career opportunities that help children find their path and give back to society.


Give Monthly

Monthly giving is one of the best ways that you can ensure each child is well cared for year round.

Twin Your Simcha

Share a bar or bat mitzvah with a child at Migdal Ohr or celebrate a wedding by sponsoring an
orphaned bride or groom.

Visit Migdal Ohr

Planning a trip to Israel?
Visit Migdal Ohr for a truly meaningful experience meeting children and touring our campus.

Please contact our office to discuss matching gifts, donor advised funds, tribute gifts, stock gifts, and other ways to get involved.


To discuss matching gifts, donor advised funds, tribute gifts, stock gifts, and other ways to get involved.



Enhance a simcha by twinning with a bar or bat mitzvah or wedding taking place at Migdal Ohr.
Sharing a simcha leaves a lasting impression on a child who will forever feel loved and cared for by their Migdal Ohr family around the world.
You can step in to support a young couple as they become a family and help them with the essentials they need to set up their home.
Whether you travel to Israel or not, there are meaningful ways to sponsor gifts, pay for celebrations, and send personal messages of encouragement and hope.


Plan a meaningful visit to Migdal HeEmek or Zoharim Youth Village the next time you are in Israel.
While visiting Migdal Ohr's programs, you will get a sense of how we empower children to rise above their circumstances, discover their talents, and grow into remarkable adults.
We would be honored to help plan your visit and tailor points on your tour to your interests.


The 9 years I spent in Migdal Ohr made me into who I am today. It is the basis of all I will pass down to future generations.

Avi Kornfeld

- Attorney at Law

"I owe so much to Migdal Ohr. I am amazed at what I have achieved and that I found a career I now love."

Anat Malka

- Chef at the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel

"I learned how to be a parent from Migdal Ohr's founder, Rabbi Grossman. I am now privileged to raise my own family and the children of Migdal Ohr."

Yehudit Ifergan

- Head of Mishpachton Program, Migdal Ohr

“Thanks to you, I have a future. I have friends and mentors who I will consider my family for life. There is no other place like Migdal Ohr and it exists because of your generosity.”

David Rosenberg

- Student, Ariel University