Welcoming Our Students Back to School!
The Mayor of Migdal HaEmek greeted our students and was amazed by how prepared they were for the school year
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September 2, 2022

Hatzlacha raba - best of luck - to all of our precious students going back to school around the world and at Migdal Ohr especially!

We were so delighted to greet each child, beaming, with brand new backpacks, pencil cases, sneakers, and outfits provided by kind donors from across the globe.

The children were even greeted by a very special guest - the mayor of Migdal HaEmek! He was so impressed with how well prepared every child was for the year ahead!

We made sure to let him know that it’s because of you and your care for every aspect of our childrens’ success that they are starting the year off so strong.

From three nutritious meals a day to wonderful teachers and down to the small detail, you have prepared them for success.

Please join us in wishing them good luck!

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