Thanks to You, Children are Having a Great Summer in Israel
Rafting trips, water parks, and summer adventures for children who would otherwise be home or on the streets
Program Updates
July 5, 2022

It’s summer! Time for adventure, family vacation and fun! But for thousands of teens from poor families, summer means boredom and an escape to the streets. 

Thanks to you, Migdal Ohr is able to change that. This summer there are thousands of children in Migdal Ohr’s summer programs. Each of our schools has a summer camp for children that runs through the next school year and our 60 youth group branches are open all summer for teens to come hang out and get involved in volunteering and Torah study. 

All of our camps enjoy fun outings, overnight trips, and days of fun on campus so that kids get a break from school. Summer offers a chance for children to open up and develop their social and emotional skills in groups with friends and counselors.

Older teens who would normally just be on the streets are out with their counselors, rafting, camping, and enjoying the outdoors. One teen, Avi, shared his experience with us…

"This summer has been the fun I've ever had in my life!!!" said Avi after rafting all afternoon on a trip with his Ohr Yisraeli branch.

Avi comes from a family of 5 kids and lost his mother to cancer last year. Since she died, Avi's father fell into a deep depression and stopped going to work. The situation at home was, and still is, very challenging.

A few years ago, Avi got involved with the local Migdal Ohr youth group - Ohr Yisraeli. He opened up to us about how hard the entire period of corona has been for him and how much he's been struggling with grief over the loss of his mother.

Avi told us, "I don't know how I would get through life if it wasn't for the friends and rabbis here. They are a lifeline for me."

Donors like you understand the importance of giving children like Avi, mentors, providing them with fun and adventure, and, most importantly, letting them know that they are cared for and loved. While it may look like just another summer, for a teen without a support system, this experience means everything. 

Thank you for being a friend and light to Israel's most vulnerable youth. You have made their summer and are helping them grow up to be incredible adults!


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