Students wake up to hatching chicks in our aviary
Animal therapy is one of the ways that you help children heal from trauma
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June 22, 2020
What a surprise! The children at Migdal Ohr were delighted to see young chicks hatching in their aviary. You provide them with opportunities like these to appreciate and enjoy life.

Shavua tov! It's a new week and that means new life. Students woke up to birds hatching in the Migdal Ohr aviary this morning and watched their mother bird feeding them with absolute delight.

Sponsoring animal therapy is one of the ways that you help orphaned and abandoned children heal from their own trauma. Seeing frail and precious new life, children are amazed and develop empathy and compassion.

We hope that seeing these sweet new chicks brings you joy and a new perspective to start the week off right!

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