Special Delivery! Delegation Sponsors Laundromat for Evacuated Israeli Families Living in Hotels
Tremendous thanks to our friends from Mikdash Yisrael Congregation who made this small request a reality for evacuees from the south of Israel
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November 22, 2023

For the thousands of Israelis from the north and south living in hotels, life has been anything BUT a vacation.

When a delegation arrived from Mikdash Yisrael congregation in Brooklyn and our Executive Director, Atara Solow, they asked the families what they needed.


The families explained that part of their routine and sense of normalcy that had been disrupted was the ability to wash, dry, and fold their own clothing.

Sure enough, the delegation raised the funds and saw to it that several days later there was a delivery of dozens of washers and dryers to the hotels.

Now, there's a new "laundry-mat" in operation, with schedules and routine to make the most of this challenging time for families.

Certainly, the people of Israel feel the love and support from abroad with every fresh load that they fold.

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