Schools Partner with Migdal Ohr in a “Be the Light” Campaign to Send Chanukah Gifts to Displaced Children
Hundreds of children across Israel received Chanukah gifts from families in America who sent their love and encouragement
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December 24, 2023

This Chanukah, hundreds of displaced Israeli children attended Chanukah parties and received games, toys, and prizes provided by the “Be the Light” Unity Campaign. 

The campaign was a partnership between American Friends of Migdal Ohr and fourteen different schools and community organizations around the tri-state area. It was truly a display of Achdut, Chesed, and Ahavat Yisrael to see Jewish children in America sending the value of their gifts to their peers in Israel!

The outpouring of love and concern for our Jewish brothers and sisters touched their hearts and brought them light this Chanukah! 

The youth of Ohr Yisraeli, Migdal Ohr’s youth groups, distributed gifts to displaced families  throughout the holiday and organized dozens of parties to bring smiles, laughter, and joy to the children and their parents. 

It was very moving to know that every gift was dedicated by a boy or girl from America that was thinking of the children in Israel who had to leave their homes after October 7th. Even in the darkest of times, uncertain about the future, these children got the reassurance that Am Yisrael would continue to care for them and that they have family all over the world.

Hundreds of people from local shuls, schools, and communities donated the value of a night of gifts to bring joy and light to children in Israel. 

Migdal Ohr and Rabbi Grossman want to thank our amazing partners at Yeshivat He’Atid, The Frisch School, Manhattan Day School, Torah Academy of Bergen County, TJJ, Yavneh Academy, Yeshivat Noam, HALB, NCSY of New York and New Jersey, Ben Porat Yosef, Westchester Torah Academy, Pardes Jewish Day School, SAR, and the Bergen County Chanukah Toy Drive for their enthusiasm and love. You truly lit up the lives of hundreds of children and made this a Chanukah that meant a lot to them.

About the Magen Israel Relief Effort

Migdal Ohr, one of Israel’s most impactful social welfare organizations, is leading its largest humanitarian relief effort yet, called Magen Israel, under the leadership of its founder, the tzadik and Israel Prize Laureate Rabbi Yitzchak David Grossman. 

In times of national crises, Rabbi Grossman and Migdal Ohr have consistently played an active role in supporting Israel by collaborating with government bodies to deliver immediate relief. When the COVID pandemic struck, Rabbi Grossman was called upon by the Israeli government to lead a significant packaging relief effort. Similarly, during the Second Lebanon War, Migdal Ohr opened its campus doors to host hundreds of soldiers. 

After October 7th, Magen Israel and Rabbi Grossman took responsibility for 4,000 evacuated families, children, and elderly residents from Gaza border communities. The evacuated families have become part of the Migdal Ohr family and Rabbi Grossman has been absolutely committed to providing for their growing needs for as long as they are living in hotels and apartments away from home. 

Now, in the difficult and uncertain days of the war, Magen Israel has expanded to provide for thousands of displaced parents and children, visit and bless hundreds of wounded victims and soldiers, inspire army units, send supplies to the front lines, and provide a boost of morale to the people of Israel.

About Migdal Ohr

For over 50 years, Migdal Ohr has been transforming Israeli society by raising Israel’s orphaned and underprivileged children. Today, Migdal Ohr provides essentials, education, and empowerment to over 10,000 children every year. This would not be possible without the support of donors all over the world whose dedication to Israel’s future are a beacon of hope and love. To learn more, visit

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