Rabbi Grossman Lights the Menorah at the Western Wall
Addressing dignitaries, leaders, and thousands of people gathered to celebrate Chanukah at the Kotel
National News
December 21, 2022

Rabbi Grossman shared these powerful words while lighting the menorah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem this week:

"THIS is the place where the miracle of Chanukah happened. Even though there were incredible military victories and miracles in the battle with the Greeks, the miracle that was commemorated by our sages was the miracle of the oil.

That's because the Greeks didn’t want to kill the Jews, rather it was a cultural war. They wanted our hearts! They wanted to remove the holiness and the Torah that made the Jews unique!

We are in the place that unites all of Am Yisrael.

This is our POWER. Only when the Jewish people are united, then G-d can bless us. As I light the menorah, each of us should take it upon himself or herself to do something positive that will bring us closer to each other and will build unity within the Jewish people.

May we merit to light the holy menorah in the temple speedily and in our days!

Chag Sameach!

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