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Migdal Ohr’s own junior racing champions
National News
January 11, 2021

Let's congratulate two of Migdal Ohr's incredible students on their success in Israel's junior racing competition! These young girls are living proof that women can be anything they want in life, regardless of where they come from or the obstacles in their way.

Eva and Diana are twins who came to Migdal Ohr's Machshava Primary School from the former Soviet Union. The school specializes in arts and communication and was founded by Rabbi Yitzhak David Grossman to help Jewish immigrants learn about their Jewish heritage, integrate into Israeli society, and thrive.

Eva and Diana grew up at Migdal Ohr and from a very young age preferred to play with toy cars, competed with their classmates during recess, and dreamed of driving real cars. This hobby led them to ask Rabbi Grossman to help support their learning to drive race cars and the Rabbi went to work helping them achieve their dreams.

Last weekend, Eva and Diana brought home medals from the national junior racing competition. Eva took home the gold for the second consecutive year and Diana won the silver medal!

Please join us in congratulating these amazing young women and  let's let them know that there is no limit to how far (and fast) they can go!

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