Migdal Ohr Teens Visit Army Bases throughout Chanukah
Program Updates
December 3, 2021

One of the main lessons that Rabbi Grossman teaches our youth is the importance of spreading light to others and showing appreciation in order have an impact on society. He underscores the importance of thanking and encouraging our men and women in uniform - the IDF soldiers who are protecting Israel's citizens and ensuring our security.

The teens of Ohr Yisraeli - Migdal Ohr's youth movement - have done just that spending the days of Chanukah visiting army bases across Israel to light candles with Israel's soldiers, throw Chanukah parties for them, spend time thanking them, and handing out gifts.

These youth are the future of the Jewish people and they understand the importance of sharing and spreading light with others! We're encouraged and inspired to see the kind of leaders and active citizens that they are going to grow up to be.

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