Meet the Students and Teachers of Migdal Ohr
We were thrilled to welcome new and old students back to the classroom this fall!
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September 2, 2022

Mazal tov! What a huge milestone to start school for the very first time! We wanted to introduce you to a handful of the children who are starting school at Migdal Ohr with hundreds of children in our 15 schools!

From nursery to kindergarten to 12th grade and on to college, Migdal Ohr's network of schools is here to ensure that every child has an opportunity to rise out of poverty and into a productive life of service and contribution to society.

Meet Geulah - one of our bubbly first graders!

Geulah's  parents came to Israel from Eritrea 10 years ago and have made their life in Irsrael. Geulah loves dinasours and her favorite color is green. She told us that she’s most excited about music and learning to play an instrument!

Geulah is one of hundreds of immigrant children who are going to school at Migdal Ohr this year. Rabbi Grossman founded schools for children just like Geulah - making sure that she would get a strong academic foundation and develop a love for her Jewish heritage.

We can’t wait to see what the school year has in store for Geulah and her classmates!

Meet twins Liron and Eytan - Migdal Ohr's newest elementary students!

The boys came to live at Migdal Ohr after their mother could no longer care for them. Needless to say, the daycare staff love them to pieces and could not be more emotional seeing them start school!

Their favorite color is blue and both boys love Paw Patrol. Liron says his favorite animal is a boa constrictor and Eytan loves lions because they are the kings of the jungle. When asked what they are most excited to learn about Liron said he wants to know more about space and Eytan said, "uh, rocks and other stuff like that."

Let's wish these guys, and all of our students, a great year in kita aleph (first grade)!

Siblings Anna and Yasha are starting 4th and 6th grades! 

When their family came to Israel from Ukraine, they did not know which school would be able to integrate them seamlessly and help them to continue their studies.

Fortunately, Migdal Ohr has decades of experience integrating and working with immigrant children.

We are excited to Anna and Yasha to begin learning Hebrew and to become part of Israeli society. We also want them to feel connected to their Jewish Ukrainian heritage and to feel confident teaching their classmates about the lives they had in Ukraine before coming to Israel. We hope to give these children a chance to learn about their Jewish heritage - something they never had exposure to in Ukraine!

Welcome Anna and Yasha and удачі (udachi), good luck this year! 

We also want to welcome the incredible teachers who make every day at Migdal Ohr's 15 schools an exciting adventure in learning!

Meet Alon Metzer has been teaching for 8 years at the Machshava School

Alon is excited to introduce students to geometry and to build their love of math and numbers. He says, "The most important thing about being a good teacher is having a personal connection with each student. During these first few weeks I'm going to be putting all of my energy into getting the know the kids - learning their individual natures and talents - to help them shine in class."

Thank you Alon for all that you do and hatzlacha raba, good luck this year!

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