Lighting Candles with the Kids at Migdal Ohr
Rabbi Grossman lighting candles as the father figure for hundreds of children
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December 17, 2020

During Migdal Ohr's candle lighting ceremony on the first night of Chanukah, Rabbi Grossman shared the following with the orphaned and neglected children in the room:

"It is says in Jewish law that a father can light the candles on behalf of his children. You are not alone, no matter how challenging your background- Migdal Ohr is your home and I take on the responsibility and the privilege of being there for you as your father - now and always.

Each of you is a light amidst this darkness- and remember that you have it in you to shine no matter what."

Rabbi Grossman also lit the fourth candle of Chanukah with the boys of the Zoharim Youth Village. He created Zoharim to be a safe haven and a home for kids who had left the ultra-orthodox community for a life on the streets. He wanted to make sure that each of them felt that they could still grow and reach their potential.  

He also shared that all of YOU - our supporters around the world enable these children to shine. Your kindness has made this season of darkness a time of light, perseverance and hope.

You can watch the candle lighting with the children here.

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