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July 14, 2021

This summer, we launched LeadOHR, the Young Professionals Division of American Friends of Migdal Ohr! The LauchMo - a kickoff event at Tempura NY in New York City - was planned by a dynamic and talented committee made up of Jonathan Hanus, Ariella Azaraf, Chani Bernstein, Ethan Stein, Gabriel Ammar, Hudis Moskowitz, Lauren Haberman, Lisa Akrish, and Nicole Lieberman.  

Board members Tzvi Solomon and Sharon Haberman addressed over 150 people in attendance and spoke about the scope and impact of Migdal Ohr as an organization that has literally transformed Israeli society over the last 50 years. They talked about how our founder, Rabbi Grossman, began with providing and caring for 18 children and how Migdal Ohr has grown to serve over 12,000 children every year. Today, thousands of adults throughout Israel owe their families, careers, and lives to the Grossmans and their Migdal Ohr family. 

We are thrilled to be engaging young professionals and helping them to forge a strong connection with Migdal Ohr! There are so many direct opportunities for people to get involved in changing the lives of children in Israel and shaping our future. Yashar Koach to the committee that organized such a successful LaunchMO event!

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