Israeli Youth Mourn the Victims of the Lag Ba’Omer Tragedy in Meron
Migdal Ohr youth gather to mourn the 45 victims of the Meron tragedy
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April 30, 2021

The youth of Israel are grappling with mourning and sadness after the heartbreaking news of friends, loved ones, and fellow Jews who died in Meron on Lag Ba’Omer - a time that was supposed to be one of prayer and great celebration. 

The Ohr Yisraeli youth chapters around the country gathered to light candles on behalf of the 45 people - fathers, husbands, children, students - who died just days ago. With mentors by their side, they are turning their eyes heavenward and praying for healing and comfort as we come together as one nation, mourning together. 

Thank you for the outpouring of international support and love. You are giving them strength and continue to remind us that we have friends all over the world.

We are devastated and mourning the lives lost in Meron during the Lag Ba’Omer celebrations in Israel this week. We pray for the injured and the families who have lost loved ones in this unspeakable tragedy.


A message from Rabbi Grossman, Founder and Dean of Migdal Ohr

"Let's work on ourselves, in the merit of those that were killed in Meron and as a merit for the speedy recovery to the injured, to think about what we can do.  

Let's not speak lashon hara (gossip) and let's try to do everything we can for one another. Look for the goodness in everybody, not the bad.

Let's be united. Not religious and non-religious, Sephardim, Ashkenazim, left, right... Am Yisrael is one.

The nation of Israel is ONE!"

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