Giving Children A Home During Corona
September 1, 2020

This year, 200 new children have come to Migdal Ohr because of financial and psychological stress at home.

The banner above these adorable first graders reads "It's good to have you home"! Their class was greeted with singing, excitement, and special treats as they started school this fall.

There is really no expense spared when it comes to making children at Migdal Ohr feel your love and warmth for them. As you can see, the teachers go above and beyond to personalize masks, t-shirts, and beautify the classroom so that they truly feel special.

These beautiful children, many who are orphans or children coming from extremely poor or abusive homes, are here through the pandemic. It is our number one priority to make sure that they feel safe, comfortable, and loved and that their start at school is a good one!

Thank you! We're happy to have you with us.
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