Girls Entrepreneurship Program Tours Local Botanicals Factory
The Girls at Afikei Ohr Youth Village got an inside look at a factory and are bringing back what they learned to their own start-up on campus
Program Updates
November 27, 2022

They're at it again!

The girls of Afikei Ohr Youth Village paid a visit to a local organic soap factory and got an inside look at both the chemistry and business of making bath products.

Their afternoon was fascinating as they toured the bee hives, vats, store rooms, and packaging facilities at the small factory.

The girls have been making their own soaps and products in the workshop on campus and asked to tour a facility where they could learn more. Their products are made from botanicals that they grow and manage themselves in the greenhouses on the Migdal Ohr campus.

Our budding entrepreneurs had a million questions for the owners of the factory and cannot wait to apply what they learned to their own operation back home!

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