Every Child Deserves a Fun and Carefree Childhood
You are providing orphaned and neglected children a safe and loving home
Program Updates
February 20, 2021

Being able to have fun is such an important part of a healthy childhood! Your gift to Migdal Ohr doesn't just provide food, shelter, and a roof over a child's head, it gives orphaned and abandoned children the love and laughter that they need to heal from trauma and develop their talents.

The teachers and dorm parents at Migdal Ohr are constantly thinking of new ways to fill the children's days with fun so that they know just how much we all care for them. YOU are helping these kids feel that they have everything that other children have and more. We are constantly amazed by who they grow up to be and how far they can go in life with your support.

Thank you! We're happy to have you with us.
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