During Swords of Iron, Thousands of Children are Safely in Our Care
Remember, Migdal Ohr is a family with over 10,000 children who need our constant reassurance, and love. They are Rabbi Grossman's pride and he makes sure that they are safe and strong.
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October 25, 2023

In all that we are doing throughout the country, we never forget that Migdal Ohr is a family - a family with over 10,000 children in our care. Rabbi Grossman has made it a point to return to the campuses in the north from his visits to hospitals and army bases in order to be in the classrooms of our boys and girls, to strengthen their faith and feeling of security.

He and the staff have taken essential measures to ensure their security during these challenging times. We are pleased to report that some children have returned to school after several weeks at home and in the Mishpachton dorms with guidance from the Home Front Command. 

When Rabbi Grossman paid visits to the schools, he explained the situation to the children, helped to strengthen their faith and reassured them that our brave soldiers are defending them. He also went around to encourage the staff to continue in their holy work and updated them on safety protocols and how to give guidance to students throughout this challenging situation.

Over the recent weeks, the students in our 15 schools, dozens of dorm families, and 160 youth branches have been writing letters to send to the heroes defending them. The letters read, "To our precious soldiers, all of the children in our school are praying with all their might for your safe return and success. We love you!"

Join Migdal Ohr's herculean relief efforts operating to assist soldiers, hospitals, and hotels of evacuees from the south!

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