Magen Yisrael: Join Rabbi Grossman's relief effort to support, comfort, and heal Israel

The PTSD, trauma, and grief that our brothers and sisters in Israel are now reeling from are simply unfathomable. They have lived through everyone’s worst nightmare and are left homeless, shaken, and in shock.

Rabbi Grossman is calling on all of us to shelter families from the massacres, support our IDF soldiers, help to comfort and heal the wounded, and take part in the largest relief effort Migdal Ohr has ever undertaken in it's history. We cannot do it with you!

Migdal Ohr needs your help in a large scale effort called "Magen Yisrael" to provide for the needs of over 4,000 victims of the massacres in the south who have been left homeless.

We have transported families from the communities and kibbutzim bordering Gaza to hotels across the country. There, we are taking it upon ourselves to provide for all of their emerging needs until they have a plan for where to go.

The needs are ever changing, yet, we are committed to staying with each family until they are safely settled in new homes. Long-term, there is discussion of helping them to rebuild their lives, continue in therapy, and possibly even relocate to caravans temporarily.

Your donation provides families with:

- Lodging expenses at the hotels
- Three hot meals a day
- Childcare and babysitting
- Laundry services
- Activities and entertainment
- Grief counseling and trauma therapy
- Clothing, shoes, toiletries, basic needs

This is a Herculean effort but one that we must undertake. We cannot abandon our families in their time of their greatest despair.

Please join us in wrapping our arms around these traumatized families and children and reassure them that the worst has past. They are relying us in a crisis of epic proportions and we cannot leave them alone, again.

Additionally, Rabbi Grossman and Magen Israel have been involved in efforts across our Migdal Ohr campuses, Israel's hospitals, and army bases. To date, this includes:

Additional Relief for Evacuees from the South
- $160K of supplies, games, and clothing to families
- $1,300 in emergency funds per family (75 and counting)

Migdal Ohr Children and Alumni
- 200+ children with special needs in daylong programs
- 10,000 orphaned and vulnerable children in our care
- 1,000s alumni and staff serving in the IDF

Support to Israel's Hospitals and Army Bases
- 900 of IDF troops hosted on Migdal Ohr’s campuses
- 1,500 mattresses to hospitals and army bases
- $40K in hot plates and urns to heat food on Shabbat
- $150K meals to hospitals and bases from our Soup Kitchens
- $200K+ in warm clothing, boots, drones, helmets, and gear
- 1,000s of people visited by the Rav at hospitals and bases

We will continue to update every single donor on the impact and direction of the initiatives, letting you know about our efforts during the war and in it the months after.

Thank you for your on-going outpouring of support and solidarity.

Atara Solow
Executive Director, American Friends of Migdal Ohr

Rabbi Yitzchak Grossman
Founder and Dean
Migdal Ohr


“Migdal Ohr is the essence of what the Jewish State, the Jewish People and Zionism is all about…”

–  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

"...Your work is vital in ensuring the strength of our Nation. All who participate in this sacred task are making the greatest contribution possible to the People of Israel..."

- Moshe Arens, Former Minister of Defense

"...The concern and support given to Israel by Rabbi Grossman, by you, and the entire American Jewish Community is a source of special encouragement to us in these historic days..."

- Ariel Sharon, Former Prime Minister

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