Children Preparing for Passover
Making matzah, learning the traditions, and exploring Israel
Program Updates
March 24, 2021

In Israel, the children at Migdal Ohr have been preparing for Passover for weeks. Rabbi Grossman and their teachers are bringing the holiday to life with creative, hands-on experiences!

The teens in our youth groups have been making matzah by hand and getting ready to celebrate Passover in their homes! These youth could easily be out on the streets but are here connecting with mentors who care about them, learning about Passover, and volunteering to help their communities.

As well as being called “Chag HaMatzot” (the holiday of matzot), Passover is also called “Chag haAviv” (the holiday of the spring) because it takes place when the land of Israel is in full bloom! The kids in our elementary schools, orphans and children from troubled homes, are out on trips with their teachers and mentors. They are running, playing, and learning about the land of the bible which is their home.

In class, students have been preparing for Passover every day, learning about the traditions, prayers, and songs.

Thank YOU for your continued support and for making sure that each of these children has the nurturing and loving childhood that they deserve.

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