Children Celebrate Tu B’Shevat Across Migdal Ohr Programs
Learning about the holiness of the land of Israel and its fruits
Program Updates
January 17, 2022

It was a busy week at Migdal Ohr with Tu B’Shvat festivities celebrating the Jewish new year for the trees across all of our programs!

Each of our schools celebrated the fruits of the land of Israel in their own way. Normally, we would be out planting in our gardens but since it’s the sabbatical year in Israel, we are learning about the special laws related to letting the land of Israel lay fallow for the year.

We celebrated by learning about the 7 special species of the land of Israel cited in the Torah, environmental conservation, and the significance of this year in the shmita (sabbatical) cycle.

Rabbi Grossman made appearances across campus to bless the children and to take part in teaching them about this special time. 

In honor of Tu B’Shevat, the teenage girls of Afikei Ohr youth village harvested botanicals from their greenhouses and turned them into fragrant essential oils and beautiful bath products for gift boxes!The mission of Afikei Ohr is to help girls at-risk rebuild their confidence and find their passion. Projects like the greenhouse on campus and the skills the girls gain turning plants into products give them a major boost of confidence and the entrepreneurial sense that they can do anything they put their minds to.Happy Tu B’Shevat to all of our friends across the globe!

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