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January 6, 2021

"Eight years ago, I came here with a group of youths that I met living on the streets and I promised them a home. They didn't see anything here. It was just sand and a few trailers.

The stunned boys asked me where I had brought them! There was nothing here. I answered them, "Here you will build your house and it will be a home for you and hundreds of youth like you. And so it was! They worked in the fields, built these beautiful buildings you see around here, planted the orchards, and worked in the greenhouses on campus.

I stand here today and am happy to see the Zoharim Youth Village, the captivating beauty of it, and I am so proud of every student in the village that has been part of making it such a magical place."

Rabbi Grossman, founder of Migdal Ohr, spoke at the groundbreaking of a third new dormitory building on the Zoharim campus this week. The first two buildings have already been inhabited by the boys and construction is progressing to complete the third and fourth buildings now.

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