At Home in Mishpachton Dorms
September 17, 2020

Throughout this time, many of our children have been living in family dorms. Rabbi Grossman has said over and over again,“We will never close. These are our children and this is their home.” He has collaborated with the Health and Education Ministries in order to ensure the highest standard of compliance with safety guidelines. He cannot sleep until each of child is safe and settled.

In Mishpachton dorms one couple cares for 12 boys or girls who are living in their care. For most of the kids, these are the first warm, nutritious meals they have eaten with a family, the first new clothes they’ve ever had, and the first time they have gotten all of the love and attention they need from the adults caring for them.

The children are like siblings who understand their friends’ struggles. It is so heartening to see how they deal with one another with compassion and love. Right now, they are preparing to go back to school. They’re more excited than ever!

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