Artscroll Publishes “A Living Legend” About Rabbi Grossman
A symbol of Jewish Unity, Rabbi Grossman has transformed Israel one child at a time
National News
March 31, 2021

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Artscroll has just published a book about our founder, the renowned Rabbi Grossman! 

The book provides insight into the Rabbi’s life in one fantastic story after another and delves into his profound influence in Israel. “Living Legend” tells the story of how Rabbi Grossman founded Migdal Ohr with 18 children and transformed it into an empire of Chesed for tens of thousands of children; and how he became a symbol of Jewish Unity, beloved by religious and non-religious people alike.

Additionally, Rabbi Grossman has been interviewed by Nachum Segal, Zev Brenner and was featured in the latest Mishpacha Magazine. The book is currently being sold at Artscroll,, American Friends of Migdal Ohr, and at your local Jewish bookstore. 

We hope you enjoy "Living Legend" and feel proud to be part of Rabbi Grossman's life-changing work!

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