Artist and Designer Elizabeth Sutton Comes to Israel to Uplift and Inspire Displaced Families
Magen Israel was honored to host the talented designer for a series of workshops with teens and adults
National News
January 15, 2024

NYC artist and designer Elizabeth Sutton, came on her own mission to Israel to uplift people with her infusion of distinctly bold style, optimism, and Jewish pride.

Elizabeth brought a burst of positive energy and reassurance to displaced teens, kids, and adults who were staying at a hotel in Kiryat Shmona for over four months after fleeing their homes on October 7th. She bought all blue and white art supplies and materials which she and her team brought to facilitate the art workshops.

The groups learned new art techniques, created individual and group projects, and were gifted some of Elizabeth’s distinctive art. It was a welcome relief from the anxiety and uncertainty of watching things heat up in the north. Many of the families do not know when they will be able to return home and have had their entire lives upended.

Elizabeth said,“Working with evacuees through Migdal Ohr was our last volunteer activity in Tiberias. These are people who haven’t been home in months, have been living in hotel rooms without their belongings and with little to do. Many have lost loved ones as they are so close to the border (some were still in mourning). 

After the Nova survivors, I’d say this was the second heaviest energy I felt all trip. The depression was like a thick fog. They’ve gotten very few visitors as they are far away and were shocked that we came all the way from New York just to volunteer.”

While families in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv have gotten a lot of support and donations, families in more remote places like Tiberias and throughout the Galilee have gotten few, if any, visitors or donations.

Big thanks to Shachar Vaturi, the volunteer coordinator for the evacuees at the hotel, who was a huge help and to Elizabeth for donating all of the supplies, talent, and artwork!!

Elizabeth - you are a force for good in the world! Thank you for bringing the kind of creative inspiration that the people of Israel when they needed it most.


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