Alumni Inspiring Soldiers before Shavuot
Young people visited military bases delivering prayer books and goodies to soldiers on duty
Program Updates
June 2, 2022

Through his example, Rabbi Grossman teaches all of our students how important it is to encourage and thank our soldiers. Migdal Ohr’s youth movement “Ohr Yisraeli” has a special program called “Ohr L’Chayil” (Light to the Soldier) where youth and alumni make sure to visit and provide encouragement to our soldiers on the frontlines.

This year, graduates of Migdal Ohr’s youth movement and our staff delivered Shavuot care packages to army bases across Israel before the holiday. This was their way of thanking soldiers who would be defending Israel, unable to be celebrate Shavuot with their families at home. These packages included a prayer book and the Tikkun Leil Shavuot - the special prayers and excerpts that we say while staying up all night in anticipation of the giving of the Torah.

It meant the world to these soldiers that their peers were thinking about them and that they came to visit just before the holiday!

May G-d answer their prayers and all of our prayers for a year filled with Torah study and mitzvot (good deeds)!


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