Afikei Ohr Girls Building their Own Canteen
Afikei Ohr students are creating the deck and furniture for their own hangout spot on campus
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February 15, 2022

Empowering women and girls isn't just about saying that they can do it, it's about giving them the tools to actually make things!

 They built the deck of the canteen where they will be hanging out and are now creating their own outdoor furniture!

Many of the girls come to Migdal Ohr after living on the streets or being kicked out of school. Here, they find friends, mentors, and a path for graduating high school and planning their futures. More than anything - they find out how much they can do with a little support and encouragement.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment and pride that they'll have lounging around in spring and summer knowing that they are the ones that actually contributed to the campus and created the furniture that they are sitting on!

Thank you for supporting these amazing girls and standing by them no matter what. Hope these updates make you proud!

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