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December 1, 2020
One of Esther z”l's many visits to spend time with children on the Migdal Ohr campus

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family of Esther Miller z’l who was a dedicated friend of Migdal Ohr throughout her life. We are honored and deeply grateful to her and her family for making the children of Migdal Ohr a part of her lasting legacy by endowing the Achari! The Esther and Nathan Miller Preparatory Program for Service in the IDF.  

Esther’s story is incredible. She survived WWII in a Belgian convent and moved to Israel after the war. There, she volunteered as a nurse and served in the IDF reserves. During her life, Esther cared deeply about Israel’s vulnerable youth and who took special interest in the orphaned and neglected children of Migdal Ohr.  

Thanks to her vision, the youth of Zoharim Youth Village will receive the training, guidance, and skills they need to enlist in the IDF. One such teen, Meir Cohen, couldn’t find his place in the ultra-orthdox community and found belonging, self-esteem, and his direction in life at Zoharim. With the help of Achari!, he joined the army this fall. This is a beautiful way to celebrate and honor Esther Miller’s life with the knowledge that her gift is giving hundreds of youth a chance to forge a new life and have a long term impact on Israeli society.

Meir Cohen, Achari! graduate and current soldier in the IDF.
“How can we repay you? Zoharim gives kids like me a new lease on life. Everyone here is rooting for us and wants us to succeed. It motivates us to want to give back to society.”
Through Achari!, youth develop the strength, drive, and courage to join the Israeli army

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People from all over the world care about the children of Migdal Ohr as if they were their own - watching their progress and seeing them grow.

Leaving a gift in a will or living trust is one of the most significant ways to care for the children long into the future and to ensure that Migdal Ohr will continue to be a home for every orphaned and neglected child who needs one. 

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