A Backyard Concert with Major Impact
Local Event with Ishay Ribo and Ambassador Erdan to Support Kids in Israel
July 15, 2020

Thank you to our dear friends, Israeli performer Ishay Ribo and Israel's Ambassador to the UN and the next Israeli Ambassador to the US, Gilad Erdan, who joined us for an intimate, socially distanced event with supporters in New York and New Jersey. We were very moved by the show of support from the local community which came out to raise emergency funds for Migdal Ohr’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

“I am here as a fan of Migdal Ohr, an organization very close to my heart. Migdal Ohr truly impacts Israeli society in a way that few others do… For them, no Israeli or Jew is beyond reach and has potential to do good regardless of their current circumstance.” - Ambassador Erdan

Migdal Ohr does so much good and is such an important lifeline for so many Israelis, so I am happy to help and contribute to this vital effort,” said Ribo. “The American Jewish community has once again shown its generosity, even during such a difficult time by coming out and assisting Migdal Ohr’s efforts and its recipients.”

Thank you! We're happy to have you with us.
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