Young Professionals Raise Funds for Chanukah Celebrations
Children in Israel unwrapped gifts thanks to your generosity and support
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December 6, 2021

Wow!!! In New York City, we held a “Light Up the Night” event with 100 young professionals who came together before Chanukah to raise money for orphaned and underprivileged children in Israel! We'd like to thank our friend  JoJo Anavim who graciously opened his private art studio to help the children of Migdal Ohr!

The proceeds from Light Up the Night sponsored celebrations and gifts for orphaned and neglected youth in Israel just a week later - creating a true circle of giving and celebration. 

If not for you - our amazing supporters - many of these youths would be lost in foster care or growing up on the streets.

Thank you to the committee members who made the event possible - Ariella Azaraf, Chani Bernstein, Ethan Stein, Gabriel Ammar, Hudis Moskowitz, Jonathan Hanus, Lauren Haberman, Lisa Akrish, Nicole Lieberman, Stephanie Soifer, Jordana Rehany, Adela Cojab, Sarah Couzens, Ben Muller, Shaje Weiss, Jon Harari, and Isabelle Meyers.

By being part of LeadOhr, you are shaping the future of Israel, one child at a time.

With the funds raised at our Light Up the Night event,The Metivta school for boys on Migdal Ohr’s campus held a huge Chanukah party complete with music, dancing, candle lighting, delicious treats and of course - gifts!!! Each of the middle school boys were able to pick out a brand new soccer or football depending on which was their favorite sport.

Imagine the quick turnaround and impact of a donation that materializes into a gift a week later! Many of the boys board on campus and don’t have families who are able to give them brand new gifts from the store.

The children on Migdal Ohr are so blessed and appreciative to be able to rely on you to be that loving friend and attentive role model who knows the perfect thing to uplift their Chanukah! 

Thank you so much and Chag Sameach from all the boys!

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