Rabbi Grossman Remembers Zev Wolfson z”l on his 10th Yartzeit
Rabbi Grossman pays tribute to one of our founding donors who built Migdal Ohr into what it is today
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September 12, 2022

Rabbi Grossman and the entire Migdal Ohr family remember and pay tribute to our beloved friend and visionary Zev Wolfson z”l, on his 10th yahrzeit, may his memory be a blessing.

Zev Wolfson z”l was a founding donor in whose merit Migdal Ohr is what it is today.

Once Zev understood the types of problems facing the poor and underprivileged youth of Israel, he challenged the Rabbi to think big and to develop large-scale solutions. When asked to help fund the first school building, Zev’s answer was, “Why stop at just one?”

Though Rabbi Grossman was unable to travel to be with the Wolfson family, he sent powerful words about his beloved friend and partner. He talked about Zev Wolfson’s extreme humility flying in coach while sending Rabbi Grossman in business class and his tireless efforts on behalf of the Jewish people which seemed to be his priority in life.

The legacy that Zev Wolfson left behind is nothing short of amazing and continues to push and motivate us to think bigger still today.

Listen to a clip of Rabbi Grossman’s moving words and join us in remembering Zev Wolfson z”l - a truly great friend of the State of Israel and the Jewish people around the world.

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