Personal Yom HaZikaron Commemorations at Migdal Ohr
The youth invited grandparents and family members to mark this very meaningful and somber day in our collective memory.
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April 24, 2023

In Israel, our memories of fallen soldiers and victims of terror do not stop, the tears are flowing, and we remember the precious souls who have given us our independence. 

We realize that in order to defend the citizens of Israel, we have to remember a time when there was no one to protect Jews. A dark time when the world closed its eyes and ears to the atrocities of the Holocaust.

The grandmother of Rabbi Moshe Atiya, one of our Migdal Ohr teachers,sat down to speak to Israeli soldiers and youth about her chilling experiences as a young woman in Auschwitz.

"None of us will ever forget what she shared," said one young man. "It makes serving and protecting the people of Israel that much more important."

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