Our Director of Development Returns from Gaza to Surprise His Family
Watch the tearful embraces and smiles on the kids faces as they run to greet their dad
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December 23, 2023

How moving! Our local hero and Director of Development, Mickey Flaumenhaft, returned to the US after 10 weeks as a reservist in the IDF to surprise his wife and children at school. October 7th caught him and his family by surprise while on vacation in Israel and while Mickey’s wife and four kids returned to the US, he joined his IDF reserve unit. 

Mickey says, “It was tough to leave my kids, not knowing what would happen, but I wanted them to learn what all the children at Migdal Ohr are learning. 

I wanted to teach them that everyone has a role and responsibility to play when the Jewish people are in trouble. It's up to each of us to step up and fulfill our role with all of our strengths, talents, and resources.This time around, my role was defending Israel on the battlefield and for my kids it’s doing their best every day at school. What’s clear is that, right now, each of us has a critical role to play and we cannot let the Jewish people down.”

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