Our Biggest 3X Crowdfunding Campaign Raises Over $2.4M!
We recieved an overwhelming response from nearly 1,000 people passionate about creating a bright future for Israel's most vulnerable children
National News
December 20, 2022

This Chanukah, we ran our largest crowdfunding campaign ever with the goal of raising $1.8M for orphaned and underprivileged children in Israel. The “Light the World.Ignite the World.One Child at a Time.” campaign was led by 38 teams who blazed past their goal and raised $2.4M in just 48 hours!

Like the miracle of Chanukah, every hour of the campaign revealed more and more light. Ambassadors got an overwhelming response from family and friends and raised anywhere from $5,000 - $200,000. The campaign sparked great interest in the story of Migdal Ohr and Rabbi Grossman and continues to inspire people spreading across America. 

Ambassadors Anat & Louis Menaged wrote, “There is nothing like Migdal Ohr, anywhere. It is a beacon of light and a source of tremendous hope for Israel’s future.” 

Julia and Brad Berger told their family and friends that, “Migdal Ohr is the largest home for orphans and abused, neglected children in Israel. Every time we visit the campus, we are overwhelmed with emotion, seeing thousands of beautiful children who are being raised there with love… Rabbi Grossman is an angel walking the surface of the earth. He is one of the kindest, most special and holy people whom we have ever met. He is a father figure to over 20,000 Migdal Ohr graduates, with over 10,000 children under his care each year.

Ori Solow and Ma’ayan Flaumenhaft volunteering on the phones to get us to our goal!

 Throughout the campaign, board members, ambassadors, and friends reached out to everyone they knew to tell the story of Migdal Ohr in their own words and inspire people to give. 

Board member Bryna Landes shared that, “What Rabbi Grossman has created is nothing short of miraculous...The children of Migdal Ohr are not just given a roof over their heads; they are given the tools and the confidence that they need to learn how to be happy, productive members of society. By helping these kids, we in turn are building a stronger Israel.”

Rabbi Grossman and the entire staff who were incredibly moved by everyone's involvement and advocacy on behalf of the children. It was so encouraging to see the partnership of hundreds of people in our campaign, all working to ensure the future of Migdal Ohr!

Your investment has set the world ablaze with positivity and HOPE for each and every one of Israel's children. We are honored and humbled to have you as our partners in this work.

You can see the video that Rabbi Grossman recorded to thank everyone when he returned home from lighting the menorah at the Western Wall.

When he spoke at the Kotel, the Rav shared that the battle of Chanukah was not really a military battle. Rather, it was a cultural battle. The Greeks waged a war against the holiness of the Jewish people.

They threatened to take extraordinary people and make us ordinary. 

You have shown just how EXTRAordinary and unified we really are in our mission to light up the world!

May the merit of your generosity fill your home with light and bring blessing to you and your family.

Thank you for showing that together, we are unstoppable.

Together, we can light up the world!

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