Delegation Renovates Bomb Shelter and Bonds with the Children at Migdal Ohr
Members of the Keter Torah Congregation and The Manhattan Jewish Center came to Migdal Ohr ready to roll up their sleeves and make a difference
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December 27, 2023

WOW! What an inspiring visit!

Our Executive Director, Atara Solow, joined an incredible delegation of community members from Keter Torah Congregation and The Manhattan Jewish Center who came to strengthen the people of Israel during these very difficult days.

Not only did these groups come ready to roll up their sleeves to do work on campus, they also brought dozens of duffle bags with brand new toys, clothes, and donations for the children of Migdal Ohr and evacuated families.

At Migdal Ohr, the group renovated a multi-purpose bomb shelter with bright murals, TV screens, and games for children to enjoy! They were greeted by musical performances from the children and words of Torah and inspiration in Rabbi Grossman's home.

The unbreakable bond between our communities was instantly apparent. Despite the language barrier, the girls bonded while braiding each other's hair and the boys played a game of soccer together. We truly are one family!

We have tremendous gratitude to Rabbi Levine of the Manhattan Jewish Center and Rabbi Simcha Willig of Keter Torah who brought their communities on this inspiring mission and made it a priority to come to Migdal Ohr.

Being together and seeing the outpouring of love and unconditional support from Jews from abroad gives the people of Israel strength to persevere.

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