Read Alumnus Moshe’s Incredible Story
How one Zoharim graduate went from a life on the streets to having a family of his own.
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May 8, 2023

" I guess you could say I'm one of the founding members of  Zoharim (Migdal Ohr's boys youth village in the Ella Valley). I was one of the first to come and get my act together here. I came straight from the streets.

Moshe shares his inspiring personal story on his Facebook page and from time to time uploads more stories from his life:

"Here I am, with my hair rolled back. Wearing some jacket I found. It gave me the false security of feeling 'normal' for a moment.

It all changed when I got to Zoharim.

These were the first days that I wasn't sleeping in an abandoned building or car. For the first time in a long time, I knew that tomorrow I'd also have a hot meal and a comfortable bed.

Those were days when I could allow myself to begin an internal process, a healing process.

My first days in the Zoharim Youth Village, I was welcomed me with open arms. I was broken and running from a life based on survival. After years of endless rejection, I found love. Those were some sweet days. In the village the youth were glowing. Finally, they had a place."

Moshe now tells his story, "From Survival to Structure", in front of students, educators and parents in a fascinating lecture about

what we can all learn from his experiences! Today, he is the father of a baby boy and an active member of his community.

We are proud of you Moshe!

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