Migdal Ohr Youth Started a National Food Relief Campaign
Chag Saveah La’Yeladim delivers much needed relief to over 25,000 families
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March 17, 2021

Migdal Ohr youth began Chag Saveah La’Yeladim which means “a ‘full’ holiday for the kids'' in Hebrew 18 years ago! Since then, the project has grown into a national food relief campaign and delivers over 25,000 to families and children in need on the eve of Passover and Rosh Hashanah.

One of the founding members, Ezra Oren, sat down to tell us about how the project was started:

Here’s the story of how we started Chag Saveah La’Yeladim:

18 years ago, I was just 15 years old, living at Migdal Ohr because my parents couldn’t take care of me and my sister. 

After class one day, someone pointed out that a few of our friends didn’t have food at home. We started talking about how in general, there were so many hungry kids and families living in Migdal Ha'Emek. Instead of being excited for Pesach, they were dreading the added expense of wine, matzah, and meat - all the things that most people look forward to. We wanted to help. 

We approached Rabbi Grossman for help funding the project. Rabbi Grossman didn’t just help us to reach our goal. He asked us how we could get everyone in Israel - involved. Now that is a true leader. Rabbi Grossman taught all of us at Migdal Ohr to never think small. Take your idea and use it to change the world!

And thanks to him, we did… 

Today, almost everyone in Israel has heard of Chag Saveah La’Yeladim. In these weeks leading up to Pesach, there are ads on TV and radio, food collection bins in grocery stores, and celebrity endorsements on social media. It’s hard to believe.

Hundreds of Israelis from every segment of society - secular, religious, Ashkenazi, Sephardi - are helping their brothers and sisters who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. 

The boxes of food that we send will be packed with things like: matzah, fresh meat, chicken, milk, vegetables, baking ingredients, desserts, frozen goods, and grape juice. However, they contain so much more than just food. These deliveries remind people that we care about them and are thinking of them and their children during the holiday season.

Thank you from everyone here in Israel that is working to assemble and deliver these packages. We wouldn’t be able to do it without you and are so grateful for your support and friendship!

Thank you! We're happy to have you with us.
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