Young Professionals "LIGHTS OUT" Shabbat for Charity
The LeadOhr committee put on a magical Shabbat evening in support of Migdal Ohr’s children
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March 3, 2023

Thank you to the 200 amazing young professionals who joined us at the Moises Safra Center for “LIGHTS OUT” - an unforgettably elegant Purim themed Shabbat dinner! This was the third completely sold out event that our dynamic LeadOhr Committee has organized in New York City. 

Not only did young professionals get to meet and connect with people from across the city - but they also changed the lives of Jewish children halfway across the world! The children of Migdal Ohr in Israel had a Purim filled with joy and memories, presents, costumes, and treats purchased with the proceeds from the Lights Out event! 

The event started with a cocktail reception with a premium open bar and progressed to a full three course sit-down dinner. Meaningful speeches were delivered during the evening talking about Migdal Ohr’s mission and incredible impact.
Mickey Flaumenhaft, Director of Development, spoke about Queen Esther who could have saved her own life in the palace and instead approached King Ahasuerus to save the Jewish people. The message to everyone was that while we can live comfortably in the middle of Manhattan, we have to know that there are children suffering, who need us. Migdal Ohr is all about standing up for those who are vulnerable and taking action to change their situation.
Jonny Hanus, one of the initial founders of the LeadOhr committee, spoke about the many opportunities and blessings we all have in our lives and how we can recognize and use them to benefit others.

Hudis Moskowitz, another LeadOhr committee member, shared her personal experience of joining when she knew very little about Migdal Ohr and discovering the impact it has had on tens of thousands of lives. She shared that she is personally so inspired by Rabbi Grossman after reading “Living Legend” which tells the story of his life and the founding of Migdal Ohr. Hudis has realized we all have the ability to make a change in someone’s else’s life and see’s LeadOhr as her way to make an impact. 

Thank you so much to all of our amazing committee members and staff that put on this event! We are in awe of what you have done for Israel’s underprivileged and orphaned youth in just over a year and can’t wait to see what’s next.

L’Chaim! 🥂

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