Fun Summer Adventures for Every Child
You are enabling adventures, laughter, and fun to help children celebrate their accomplishments
Program Updates
June 28, 2021

School’s out for summer and the children at Migdal Ohr are celebrating with all kinds of exciting adventures! From a boating trip to Tiberias, to amusement parks, and other fun outdoor trips, our classes and youth groups are out and about all over Israel.

The kids in our care don’t get to go on many vacations with their families so our schools and dorm parents go above and beyond to give them a good time! We want each child to experience the exhilaration of summer break and to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

You are enabling our children to feel whole and to know that they are loved. Thanks to people like you, we are able to make sure that no matter how difficult a child’s background, they are able to experience a carefree and joyful childhood.

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Program Updates
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