Entrepreneurial Teens Host a Pop-Up Shop at a Local Tech Company
The young women from the Afikei Ohr Youth Village have forged an amazing partnership with this local company
Program Updates
April 14, 2024

“Youth at-risk” can be a very limiting label.

We prefer, “entrepreneurs”, “self-starters”, and “budding business-women.”

The girls from the Afikei Ohr Youth Village have developed a relationship with the high-tech company “KLA” in Migdal HaEmek. This is a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and our teens who set up a small pop-up shop selling their handmade soaps, perfumes, candles, and even flowers from their greenhouse!

They created a competition to see whose items would be the best-sellers and to reward that budding businesswoman that day!

You know how important it is to give our young women opportunities to shine and to express their creativity in different ways! 

Thank you for supporting this amazing program.

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