Migdal Ohr Youth Clubs Bring Joy to Others on Purim
Teens in the Ohr Yisraeli Youth Movement and Cooking Up a Future culinary program give back
Program Updates
March 16, 2022

This Purim, the students of Cooking Up a Future prepared Purim delicacies to share with the employees of Bank HaPoalim!

The bank has a program dedicated to empowering underprivileged youth and has partnered with Migdal Ohr to educate our students about business and finance.

Partnerships like these strengthen the fabric of our community and let youth-at-risk know that people care about them and are invested in their success.

It was very important for our students to give back and show their appreciation! They took great pride in preparing and packaging all of the delicious treats for the employees at the bank.

At the same time, teens in the Ohr Yisraeli movement spread Purim cheer to their peers in uniform! This morning they packed up vans of mishloach manot (gift baskets) for the holiday.

Even though they are just a few years older, these brave men and women are defending us every day and we are so grateful.

As young leaders, Migdal Ohr youth are learning the value of expressing gratitude and showing their appreciation.

There were celebrations across all 15 schools on Migdal Ohr’s campus as well as our dorms and youth villages. Seeing the creativity and joy you would never know that most of these children come from orphaned, abusive, or severely impoverished homes.

They are part of a big loving family at Migdal Ohr and have incredible supporters like you around the world to thank for the wonderful childhood and care that they’re receiving on a daily basis.

We’re excited to share all of these heartwarming photos as they come in from the different groups of kids and hope that you enjoy seeing the incredible impact of your donations!

Happy Purim!

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