Beautiful Torah Celebrations at Migdal Ohr’s Elementary Schools
Immigrant children are celebrating their Jewish heritage with pride and joy
Program Updates
February 13, 2022

What a spectacular celebration! The children of Migdal Ohr's Machshava elementary school put on a beautiful production to celebrate the completion of the Book of Genesis (Bereishit).

The Machshava School was founded by Rabbi Grossman specifically for children from low-income, immigrant families to learn about their heritage and to raise the bar in academics and secular studies.

Productions like this amazing Torah showcase demonstrate the many talents and abilities of our students while also giving an insight into the hands-on, engaging lessons that they are learning about their Jewish heritage.

As we say in completing the reading of each book of the Torah "Chazak, chazak, v'nitchazek" - may we go from strength to strength!

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