A Special Bar Mitzvah Shares His Simcha with Boys Less Fortunate
Coby Abramowitz planned an extra special celebration for a group of boys his age at Migdal Ohr
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May 11, 2021

Mazal tov to bar mitzvah boy Coby Abramowitz and his parents Penina and Zach Abramowitz who created an incredibly meaningful twinning project with the boys at Migdal Ohr!

Coby is passionate about carpentry and planned a project with a class of bar mitzvah boys his age. Though he was volunteering, Coby wanted to make sure to empower his peers and find a way that they could do something meaningful together. The boys bonded in our woodshop and created a bench for the Migdal Ohr campus together. 

At the end of the day, Coby and his parents threw a big party to celebrate the joint bar mitzvahs and congratulate the boys on this meaningful milestone in their lives. Coby also donated his bar mitzvah money towards a special trip for his peers as part of the celebration. 

Even though the children growing up at Midgal Ohr may not have families around to celebrate with them, or the means to throw a big party, people like the Abramowitzs’ are there to step in and show them how important they are. Thank you to Coby and his parents for making the children of Migdal Ohr such a special part of their celebration. 

We wish Coby many more years as a giver and a leader who looks out for those less fortunate and finds ways to uplift and empower others. 

If you would like to learn about how you can twin a simcha and develop a special project with us, please reach out to Atara Solow at atara@migdalohrusa.org.

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