AFMO Hosts Israeli Independence Day Event with Safra Synagogue
"Celebrating a Strong Israel” Event with Rabbi Grossman and Israel Ambassador Gilad Erdan
National News
May 5, 2022

Rabbi Grossman and Israel's Ambassador Gilad Erdan addressed a room of VIP guests and supporters at an Independence Day event at Safra Synagogue which celebrated 50 years of Migdal Ohr’s impact and influence on Israeli society.

It was a dazzling evening of inspiration and action as Rabbi Grossman shared his work empowering and raising tens of thousands of youth in Israel. “I see the potential of our youth and then the impact our students have on Israeli society,” Rabbi Grossman said. “They are motivated to give back, contribute to the country, and are eager to draft to the IDF creating a stronger Israel! They do all of this despite their backgrounds and because of the love and empowerment they receive at Migdal Ohr.”

Ambassador Erdan said, “Israel represents only one-tenth of one percent of the world population, yet when it comes to creativity and innovation, Israel punches far above its weight,” he added. “In our Startup Nation, innovative Israeli companies solve some of the world’s greatest challenges, every day. These solutions, in the fields of healthcare, food security, water management, and many more, are what I share with my UN colleagues, and once they see what Israel has to offer, their support for Israel only grows.”

Thank you to our event chairs Vanessa and Raymond Chalme, Lisa and Richard Cohen, Gloria and Matthew Ingber, and Anat and Louis Menaged who worked hard to make this beautiful event such a success!

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