A Visit from President Herzog to Migdal Ohr
The President and a team of dignitaries were at Migdal Ohr touring the campus and learning from Rabbi Grossman's approach and institutions
National News
December 19, 2022

President Herzog and officials from his office paid a visit to Migdal HaEmek touring the campus and learning about the various programs and institutions that work with one of the country’s most vulnerable populations. 

The therapeutic and educational initiatives at Migdal Ohr are a model for all of Israel and the world for raising youth at risk and helping them to realize their potential and heal from trauma. Not only are the children educated at Migdal Ohr’s schools, but hundreds also live on campus with foster families and in dorms. The Zoharim Boys Youth Village and Afikei Ohr Youth Village for Girls take students who have left the ultra-orthodox community and help them to finish high-school, rebuild their confidence, enlist in the IDF and national service. 

We are grateful to the Government of Israel for their recognition and continuous investment, partnership, and recognition over the last 50 years.

Rabbi Grossman's vision is for Israel to be a bright light to the entire world and YOU are making that possible by investing in the futures of its future leaders and families.

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