50 Years of Migdal Ohr

Highlights of Our Remarkable Achievements

Rabbi Grossman in 1967

Rabbi Grossman is ordained by the Chief Rabbis of Israel: Rabbi Iser Onterman and Rabbi Yitzhak Nissim


After the Six-Day War, Rabbi Grossman and his family move to Migdal HaEmek and begin their extensive educational work.

Rabbi Grossman in 1968
Rabbi Grossman in 1969

Rabbi Grossman goes out to the bars and discos where he meets distressed youth who have fallen into crime and drugs. He becomes known as the “Disco Rabbi”.


Rabbi Grossman is chosen to be the Chief Rabbi of Migdal HaEmek.

Rabbi Grossman in 1967
Rabbi Grossman in 1972

Migdal Ohr is established with a classroom of 18 students. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Grossman care for all of their needs and get more requests to take in orphaned and neglected children.


The cornerstone for a home for homeless children is laid in Migdal HaEmek.

Rabbi Grossman in 1975
Rabbi Grossman in 1980

Rabbi Grossman teaches Torah classes and runs rehabilitative programs in prisons. He is awarded the Rabbi Aryeh Levin Prisoners Father Award.


Rabbi Grossman is awarded the Love of Israel Award by the President of Israel, Chaim Hertzog and Prime Minister Menachem Begin.

Rabbi Grossman in 1983
Rabbi Grossman in 1987

Migdal Ohr establishes children’s day care centers and begins the construction of a village where abandoned children will live with foster families.


Migdal Ohr opens the Talmud Torah School for girls and the Machshevah Elementary School.

Rabbi Grossman in 1990
Rabbi Grossman in 1991

Migdal Ohr takes in Ethiopian immigrants from Solomon’s Operation. Children are resettled in dorms on campus and integrated into Migdal Ohr’s schools.


Migdal Ohr Institutions open branches in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and begin absorbing immigrants from the Soviet Union at the Migdal HaEmek educational campus in Israel.

Rabbi Grossman in 1992
Rabbi Grossman in 1993

Migdal Ohr takes part in the operation to bring Yemenite immigrants to Israel and absorbs them into their schools and dorms on campus.


Rabbi Grossman is awarded an honorary doctorate degree by Yeshiva University in New York.

Rabbi Grossman in 1994
Rabbi Grossman in 1995

Migdal Ohr works with Jewish youth in France and helps in bringing them to Israel.


Construction of the Maor Israel High School is completed.

Rabbi Grossman in 1997
Rabbi Grossman in 2000

A medical center for students is opened on the Migdal Ohr campus.


A state-of-the-art sports complex is opened on the Main Boys Campus.

Rabbi Grossman in 2001
Rabbi Grossman in 2003

Rabbi Grossman establishes the Ohr Yisraeli youth movement which grows to have a membership of some 8,000 youth in 160 branches.

Rabbi Grossman in 2003

Migdal Ohr youth initiate a “Chag Saveah for the Children” national food drive which distributes food to over 25,000 needy families throughout the country before the holidays.


Rabbi Grossman is awarded the Israel Prize for his life’s work – his special contribution to the country and society.

Rabbi Grossman in 2004
Rabbi Grossman in 2006

Midgdal Ohr opens its doors to provide a warm and encouraging place for 700 IDF soldiers to rest during the Second Lebanese War.


Rabbi Grossman is awarded a Medal of Distinction and Merit by Youth Aliyah and lights one of 12 beacons at the Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism ceremony on Herzl Mount in Jerusalem.

Rabbi Grossman in 2008
Rabbi Grossman in 2011

Migdal Ohr opens a university for the ultra-orthodox community in Gan Yavne called the Ultra-Orthodox Campus for Excellence.


Migdal Ohr opens the Zoharim Youth Village that offers at-risk youth a warm and accepting home where they can chart a new direction in life.

Rabbi Grossman in 2012
Rabbi Grossman in 2014

Rabbi Grossman is awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor by the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres.

Migdal Ohr opens the “Mevashlim Et HaAtid” Cooking Up a Future culinary arts and hospitality vocational training program complete with a state-of-the art training kitchen and faciliities.


Migdal Ohr opens the Afikei Ohr Girls Youth Village for teenage girls at-risk, which offers a loving environment with a focus on rehabilitation and career training as girls rebuild their lives and plan for the future.


Migdal Ohr opens Orot B’Emek Girls Elementary School with a focus on arts and sciences for underprivileged and immigrant youth in Migdal HaEmek and the surrounding areas

Rabbi Grossman in 2017

Migdal Ohr expands the Mishpachtonim - family dorms where 12 orphaned or neglected youth live as a family with a couple on campus. Building of new housing for new dorms is completed in 2020.

Migdal Ohr absorbs Bnei Menashe Jewish children from India and brings them to live in Mishpachton family dorms while going to school on campus.


Migdal Ohr is chosen by the Israeli government to operate a relief operation called “Magen Yisrael” delivering food and essentials to over 40,000 people weekly during the COVID-19 pandemic.