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As you know, the bulk of Israel's population is under the threat of rocket attacks on a daily basis. On July 7th, rockets landed 3 kilometers from Migdal Ohr’s Zoharim Youth Village and we had to evacuate 80 students and 40 staff (many with families) immediately. We are currently raising funds for "Operation Safeguard," an urgent campaign created to acquire three essential bomb shelters at Zoharim. Our team at Zoharim MUST provide a safe haven for our students and staff. Please click here to donate to Operation Safeguard and your contribution will be immediately earmarked for the purchase of three bomb shelters, where our students and staff can take refuge when the Code Red sirens alert them of pending missile attacks.

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Migdal Ohr (Tower of Light) is the most expansive organization for Jewish children at risk across Israel.
Our 800+ staff primarily serve over 10,000 orphaned, abused or impoverished children daily by providing free essential services. These can include housing, clothing and food, after school counseling and general education. Migdal Ohr has three campuses and 160 Youth Clubs.


“We do not distinguish between religious and secular here. There is no orthodox and general. There are only Jews.”

- Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Founder of Migdal Ohr

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