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image3 RoshHashanah 2014




This Rosh Hashanah, let the sound of the Shofar again be our urgent call to action. Let it remind us that there are those in Israel who are less fortunate, vulnerable and require our assistance.


The need for Migdal Ohr’s services has grown enormously in the past year. Our programs now serve more than 15,000 children and teens daily. This past year, we celebrated many milestones including the first graduation of 18 students from the Zoharim Youth Village, the sponsorship of over 65 Migdal Ohr alumni bride weddings, and the completion of the renovation of a new recreation center, the opening of a new computer laboratory and the reopening of a newly refurbished Girls High School. Thanks to the overwhelming support from American donors, during the summer Gaza crisis we were also able to send food packages to over 45,000 families, send 30,000 Israeli children from the South to recreational activities in the North, and raise funds towards the purchase of three bomb shelters at Zoharim.


As we transition from 5774 to 5775, we ask you to consider the poor, orphaned, new immigrant and at-risk Jewish children of Israel who depend on Migdal Ohr for shelter, education, food, clothing and medical care. Your generous support of Migdal Ohr will assure their continued access to these essential services.

Please click here to donate to this year’s Rosh Hashanah Campaign.


Thank you for your support for the children of Migdal Ohr and 

best wishes for a sweet andwonderful New Year!

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Migdal Ohr (Tower of Light) is the most expansive organization for Jewish children at risk across Israel.
Our 800+ staff primarily serve over 10,000 orphaned, abused or impoverished children daily by providing free essential services. These can include housing, clothing and food, after school counseling and general education. Migdal Ohr has three campuses and 160 Youth Clubs.


“We do not distinguish between religious and secular here. There is no orthodox and general. There are only Jews.”

- Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Founder of Migdal Ohr

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