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MigdalOhr PA15

Did you know that one in five Israeli families live below the poverty line, and that 31% of ALL children in Israel go to bed hungry on a daily basis because their impoverished parents cannot afford to buy food?

Once again, the phenomenal staff, students, and volunteers at Migdal Ohr have undertaken the monumental task of feeding a seemingly incomprehensible 25,000 indigent families throughout Israel this Passover with the Chag Save’ah Campaign.


The American Friends of Migdal Ohr has been tasked with raising more than $250,000 this year to help support this vital initiative.  


Approximate costs to feed a poor family this Passover are as follows:

  • $10 - Buys a 5 lb box of matzah
  • $90 - Feeds a family of four for one Seder meal
  • $500 - Provides meat, matzah, vegetables, fruit, wine and other necessary food items for the entire holiday for two adults and their children


Your Tax-Deductible gift at this critical juncture will help Migdal Ohr provide food for Israel’s most vulnerable and destitute, during a time when most of us will be celebrating with tables a plenty!


Please respond as generously as you can to help us reach our fundraising goal of $250,000. Your participation is an incredible mitzvah.  To make an online donation, please click here.  


With blessings from the entire Migdal Ohr family, we wish you a happy and Kosher Pesach!

MigdalOhr PA15 children thank you

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Migdal Ohr (Tower of Light) is the most expansive organization for Jewish children at risk across Israel.
Our 800+ staff primarily serve over 10,000 orphaned, abused or impoverished children daily by providing free essential services. These can include housing, clothing and food, after school counseling and general education. Migdal Ohr has three campuses and 160 Youth Clubs.


“We do not distinguish between religious and secular here. There is no orthodox and general. There are only Jews.”

- Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Founder of Migdal Ohr

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