Dedication Opportunities

There are a number of programs, services and brick and mortar facilities at each of our three education campuses that need sponsorship. This is a wonderful opportunity to name a program, classroom or building in memory or in honor of a loved one, while helping to continue the vital work of Migdal Ohr in the years to come.

Listed below are the various sponsorship and naming opportunities at Migdal Ohr.

Migdal Ohr - Dedication Opportunities

$100 Sponsor books for learning
$180 Dedicate a leaf on the Tree of Life or Remembrance
$1,000 Sponsor a school trip
$1,800 Computer with software packages for young ages
$1,800 Furniture for one student in the dorms
$1,800 Family Dedication of a row of seats in our new 1,000 seat Shul
$2,500 Sponor a young chef in the Mevashlim L’Atid Culinary Program
$4,075 Sponsor a Pergola for a day care center
$4,500 Adopt-A-Child (covers all costs for 1 year not covered by the Government)
$5,000 Sponsor Multi Media Equipment for the Girls Elementary School Library
$5,000 Sponsor a wedding
$7,000 Bat-Mitzvah celebration for a student
$7,500 Bar-Mitzvah celebration for a student (includes purchase of Tefillin)
$7,500 A holiday party (Purim, Chanukah, etc) for an entire school
$8,150 Sponsor Music Equipment for the Girls Elementary School
$10,000 Sponsor a wedding AND furnish the newlywed apartment
$10,000 Sponsor a young Rabbi to learn half-a-day with children
$15,000 Sponsor a year's worth of Migdal Ohr programming in prisons
$18,000 Dedicate a dormitory room
$20,000 Furniture for an Ohr Yisraeli Youth Club
$25,000 Sponsor a game room for an Ohr Yisraeli Youth Club
$25,000 Dedicate a garden outside a day care center or kindergarten
$25,000 Sponsor the Ahari IDF training program at Zoharim for a year
$25,000 Dedicate a classroom
$27,000 Sponsor Israeli Philharmonic Program (cost per year, five year commitment)
$29,000 Dedicate Canopies to provide shade at the Girls Elementary School
$30,000 Dedicate outdoor exercise Equipment of the Girls High School
$30,000 Outdoor Playground Equipment for the Girls Elementary School
$35,000 Dedicate a doctor's office
$35,000 Dedicate a playground outside a day care center or kindergarten
$45,000 Snoezlen Relaxation Room for Girls Special Education Program
$50,000 Yearly sponsorship of the boys' choir
$50,000 Dedicate a computer room
$50,000 Dedicate a music room
$75,000 Dedicate a school library
$75,000 Dedicate a science laboratory
$75,000 Dedicate a main lobby in a school
$75,000 Sponsor Transportation for a school for a  year
$75,000 Dedicate the new Girl's High School Scenic Terrace
$90,000 Dedicate the installation of air conditioning in a school
$100,000 Dedicate the "smaller" Student's Dining Hall
$100,000 Dedicate a wing/floor of classrooms or dorm rooms
$125,000 Dedicate the new Assembly Hall in the Girl's High School
$150,000 Dedicate a new Athletic Field
$170,000 Dedicate a 3D printing Program and Computer Lab
$200,000 Dedicate the Migdal Ohr Dental Clinic
$200,000 Dedicate the Migdal Ohr Student Amphitheater
$250,000 Dedicate a day care center
$250,000 Renovations of the Batya Day Care Center
$250,000 Dedicate the Dairy Kitchen of the Mevashlim L'Atid Culinary Training Program
$250,000 Dedicate the "large" Student's Dining Hall
$300,000 Renovate the Laundromat for the Main Boys Campus
$350,000 Sponsor Renovation of the Main Beit Midrash of the Boys Campus
$500,000 Dedicate the Migdal Ohr Simcha Hall for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and Weddings
$550,000 Dedicate the Mevashilm L'Atid Culinary training program
$750,000 Dedicate the building of a covered, dual purpose athletic facility
$750,000 Dedicate the new Migdal Ohr Museum and Rabbi Grossman's office to be located in the original 1972 Migdal Ohr building
$1,000,000 Dedicate the main Migdal Ohr Athletic Center
$1,000,000 Dedicate the Jewish Heritage Program on the Zoharim Campus
$1,000,000 Dedicate the name of a main school building
$1,250,000 Renovation of the Machshava Arts & Culture School