Migdal Ha'emek

The Migdal Ohr Educational Campus, Migdal Ha’Emek, is located in Northern Israel and named for the city where it resides.

Spanning over 180,000 square meters, this lively and bustling campus has a diverse range of educational and recreational services for children of all age groups. Established in 1972, its current student body numbers more than 7,500 students who come from all over Israel. The core student body is comprised of boys and girls who are from dysfunctional homes, or are orphans and new immigrants. Many of the students live in the unique foster village and dormitories based at this educational center. Migdal Ha’Emek has 4 day care centers, 5 kindergartens, 3 elementary schools, 6 Middle and High Schools, trade and vocational programs (including Mevashlim L’Atid, “Cooking Up a Future”), modern dormitories, 200 foster-family supervised apartments, 7 dining halls, and a medical center. Aside from classes in both secular and religious studies, the students enjoy regular physical activities including basketball and soccer. They have weight rooms, learn Krav Maga (Israeli Martial Arts), and even have access to a professional recording studio!

Many of the schools have outstanding features, such as computer graphics departments and chemistry and biology laboratories. For those who excel in math and science, there is the option for a program that runs in conjunction with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), where boys stay in school for a 13th and 14th year, during which they focus on both Computer Engineering and Electronic Engineering, thus enabling them to enter into their army service as Engineers.

Of Migdal Ha’Emek’s 800 educators and staff, 80% are graduates of Migdal Ohr themselves.